Vehicle Modeling Course - Autodesk Maya

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You get:

A Complete Course that teaches how to easily model a car from start to finish. Fully Narrated Step by step instructions on how to model using Autodesk Maya with industry standard techniques.


_Over 20 Instructional Videos on how to model and set everything up in Maya.

_Access to all the files used during the course.

Covered Topics:

_Model using the latest version of Autodesk Maya.

_Reference gathering.

_Proper project set up.

_How to model each part of the car through step by step instructions.


_Videos Covering the Basics on how to set up UVs using RizomUV.

Following along with this course will allow you to learn the proper techniques to model vehicles and what you learn can be used to create many other types of vehicles.

English Instructor : Sofia C.

Spanish Instructor: Alber Silva

(To better follow along Maya 2019 or above is recommended, to follow along with the UV section you will need RizomUV)

License: Files cannot be included in an asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace.

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Vehicle Modeling Course - Autodesk Maya

3 ratings
I want this!