Getting Started with 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya

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Getting Started with 3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya

5 ratings

You get:

A Beginner's Course that teaches the fundamentals of 3D Modeling using the latest version of Autodesk Maya.


_Fully Narrated Instructional Videos with step by step instructions on how to get started with the software. No prior knowledge is expected.

_Learn the basics with hands-on examples that cover the most used modeling tools found within Autodesk Maya.

Covered Topics:

_Getting Started with the Maya navigation.

_Modeling of various objects with practical uses of the tools.

_Common mistakes made by newcomers.

_Simple Rendering tutorial so you can start saving images of your work. 


_Dedicated feedback from the course instructor, ask the instructor for feedback or help as you complete the course. 

Learning Outcomes:

_Ability to apply the techniques and workflows used in this course to create and put together various other objects or characters.

_Understanding of how to use tools and when to use certain tools over others.

_Be able to make simple renders of objects.

(This course was put together using Autodesk Maya 2020. You can follow this course if you are using any other version of Maya, but not below Maya 2016 as some tools may not be available. This course is compatible with newer versions of Maya and a note will be added when this is no longer the case)

License: All videos and files associated with this course are for educational purposes only. Commercial use of any of the files granted through this course is not permitted. Videos and files may not be shared or sold in any form online or otherwise. 


Detailed Table of Contents:

_Reference Folder

_001_Introduction and Interface(0:22:00)

_002_Creating the First Model Part 1 (0:40:00)

_003_Creating the First Model Part 2(0:52:00)

_004_Groups,Merging and Simple Rendering of Models (0:30:00)

_005_Using Curves to create a Lamp (0:30:00)

_006_Creating a Desk (1:10:00)

_007_Creating a Biped Character - Part 1 (0:48:00)

_008_Creating a Biped Character - Part 2 (0:35:00)

_009_Creating a Biped Character - Part 3(0:21:00)

_0010_Creating a Biped Character - Part 4(0:41:00)

_0011_Creating a Biped Character - Part 5 (0:17:00)

_0012_Creating a Biped Character - Part 6 (0:26:00)

_0013_Creating a Biped Character - Part 7 (0:35:00)

_0014_Creating a Room - Final Project (0:42:00)

Contact support@3dex.net if you have any questions before purchasing


The materials on the course are provided ‘as is’. The instructor makes no warranties, expressed or implied. Further, the instructor does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on the course or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this course.

I want this!


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