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Stylized Low Poly Outdoor Environment Course in Unreal 5

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You get:

A Complete Course that teaches how to easily create a simple Stylized Geometric Outdoor Environment from start to finish. Fully Narrated Step by step instructions on how to model and put everything together into a scene in the latest version of Unreal 5.

Skill Level Required : Beginner

Instructor: 3DEX

Course Duration: 3hrs 40mins

Covered Topics:

  • Easy to follow instructional videos on how to model in Maya(Note: While Maya is used for the videos, the modeling workflows are very simple and straight forward thus any other 3D program can be used for this step).
  • Simple sculpting to get low poly models from Zbrush.
  • Making simple geometric grass and tree leaves with Substance Designer.
  • Creating Materials and Blueprints and Foliage with Unreal 5.
  • Lighting the Final Level and Taking Screenshots.

Required Software:

  • Maya or equivalent(Blender ok).
  • Zbrush or equivalent.
  • Substance Designer.
  • Unreal 5.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to apply the techniques and workflows used in this course to create and put together any type of simple outdoor environment within Unreal 5.
  • Use Zbrush to produce low poly meshes.
  • Able to use blockout to final level workflows.
  • Be able to apply simple lighting to an Unreal Engine level using Lumen.

License: course videos are for educational purposes and cannot be included in an asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace.


Detailed Table of Contents:


_Part_1_Initial Blockout and Unreal 5 Project Set up(0:48:30)

_Part_2_Adding more details to house model (0:26:40)

_Part_3_Adding details to remaining props (0:32:00)

_Part_4_Making materials(0:16:00)

_Part_5_Creating grass material and grass geo (0:27:00)

_Part_6_Tree leaves and first pass lighting (0:52:00)

_Part_7_Finalize the scene(0:17:00)

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Stylized Low Poly Outdoor Environment Course in Unreal 5

2 ratings
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