How to Make a Stylized Outdoor Environment from Start to Finish

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How to Make a Stylized Outdoor Environment from Start to Finish

81 ratings

You get:

A Complete Course that teaches how to easily create a simple Stylized Outdoor Environment from start to finish. Fully Narrated Step by step instructions on how to model, sculpt, texture, and put everything together into a scene with Unreal Engine 4. 


_Over 20 Instructional Videos on how to model, texture, and set everything up in Unreal Engine 4

_Access to all the models(in .fbx format) plus all textures(in .tga format) used during the course.

_Unreal Engine 4 project with all corresponding files.

_Lighting video Tutorial with step by step narrated instructions on how to light this scene with Unreal Engine plus general lighting tips.

Covered Topics:

_Model and UV using the latest version of Autodesk Maya.

_Sculpting using the latest version of Zbrush.

_Texturing with Substance Painter.

_Creating Procedural Materials using Substance Designer.

_Exporting and Importing Models and Textures to Unreal Engine 4.

_Creating Materials and Blueprints with UE4.

_How to Make Terrain with Blend Materials .

_How to Make Simple Flowing Water in UE4.

_How to Make and Add Wind Movement to Foliage/Grass in UE4.

_Preparing Models for Baked Lighting in UE4.

_Lighting the Final Level and Taking Screenshots.

What People Are Saying About The Course : 


_Videos Covering the Basics on how to use Autodesk Maya, Zbrush , Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Unreal Engine 4.

_A step by step narrated video tutorial on How to Create a Stylized Smart Material within Substance Painter to aid you in the texturing process.

_Stylized Smart Material.

_Custom Zbrush Brushes.

Learning Outcomes:

_Ability to apply the techniques and workflows used in this course to create and put together any type of outdoor environment within Unreal Engine 4.

_Able to create simple procedural materials using Substance Designer.

_Properly prepare models for a game engine.

_Be able to apply simple lighting to an Unreal Engine level.

(Unreal project was made with UE4 version 4.22.3 and can be opened on that version and later versions. The Substance Painter Smart Material that comes with this course requires version 2017.4.2 or higher. The custom Zbrush brushes require Zbrush 2019 or above)

License: Commercial use of these files is permitted but cannot be included in an asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace


Detailed Table of Contents:

_Outdoor Environment Scene Project ( UE4 Project)

_001_Introduction to Course (0:04:00)

_002_Planning and Concept Art Breakdown (0:05:00)

_003_How to use Autodesk Maya (0:14:00)

_004_How to use Zbrush (0:24:00)

_005_How to use Substance Painter (0:08:00)

_006_How to use Substance Designer (0:11:00)

_007_How to use Unreal Engine 4 (0:06:00)

_008_Modular Structure Props Modeling (0:12:00)

_009_Modular Structure Props Sculpting (1:15:00)

_0010_Modular Structure Props Sculpting Finishing (1:18:00)

_0011_Modular Structure Props Texturing (0:48:00)

_0012_Making Stylized Rocks (0:47:00)

_0013_Stylized Tree Modeling (0:41:00)

_0014_Stylized Tree Texturing (0:38:00)

_0015_Procedural Stylized Grass(0:40:00)

_0016_Procedural Stylized Ground Dirt (0:38:00)

_0017_Making Stylized Plants (0:50:00)

_0018_Stylized Plants Texturing (0:40:00)

_0019_Procedural Stylized Moss (0:26:00)

_0020_Exporting and Importing Models into UE4 (0:21:00)

_0021_Exporting Textures and Making Materials in UE4 (0:25:00)

_0022_Making Blueprints in UE4 (0:08:00)

_0023_How to Make Terrain (0:10:00)

_0024_How to Add Terrain Material (0:30:00)

_0025_How to Add Water and Grass Sway (0:35:00)

_0026_Adding Vines and Overgrowth (0:50:00)

_0027_How to Light the Level and Finalize (0:46:00)

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