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Ultimate Resume and Cover Letter Template for 3D Artists

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Do you want to work at a game studio or film studio? Having a hard time writing your resume or just not hearing back from the applications you are sending?

This custom template is based on my own, ACTUAL, resume. This is the real resume I have used to apply to jobs and been contacted by afterwards.

Easy to use formatting(replace the text with your own) along with comments and tips for what to add and what NOT to add to your resume.

Don't have relevant work experience or traditional education to add? Sadly, flipping burgers doesn't have much to do with 3D, but you can still have a compelling resume! This is why I have included a template for anyone who doesn't have relevant work experience and/or hasn't gone to a traditional school for education. This template will give you an edge as you will know what to include in your resume. 

These resume templates are perfect for:

  • 3D Artists (game or film)
  • Environment Artists (game or film)
  • People with no industry experience 
  • People with no traditional education


Cover letters can be hard to write and are used as an opportunity to show who you are, what you know about the company, and what you can bring to the table. 

This is why you need an effective cover letter which can put you at the top of the list.

If writing is not your thing, this template can really help you know what you need to share with future employers and give you a better chance at being noticed. 

You get the following:

  • Ultimate 3D Artist Resume Template
  • No Relevant Work History Resume Template
  • 3D Artist Cover Letter Template

Resume and Cover Letter format may not be compatible if applying to jobs outside of the United States where formats and what's expected of these documents may differ.

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Ultimate Resume and Cover Letter Template for 3D Artists

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